David Kershner, Commander, Disabled American Veterans

posted Jun 23, 2013, 10:44 AM by Rick Perales

Ohio Veterans, Get out and VOTE! We have so many veteran issues coming against us regarding our benefits and opportunities that we need a person to represent us in Columbus to fight for our rights and to stop our eroding entitlements and benefits, so that is why I am endorsing Rick Perales. Rick is a veteran himself and is concerned about the issues facing our veterans past and present. He will make sure our voice is heard throughout the State of Ohio and he has made Veterans one of his Office Priorities and that’s important to me as a Commander.

Rick Perales is a proven leader, both in the military uniform and during his civic duties. Therefore, I wholeheartly endorse Rick as my nomination for the State Representative. He will lead from the front and will do the right thing regarding Veterans issues …You can count on it. Good Luck Rick, see you in Columbus!

Disabled American Veterans
(Greene County)