Ginger Dosedel

posted Jun 23, 2013, 10:30 AM by Rick Perales

In 2004, I founded an organization providing support to the wounded Service Members. When Rick found out about our organization, he became phenomenally supportive and enthusiastic about an opportunity to provide comfort and support to those wounded while serving our country. Since then, every time I have become involved in an organization that reaches out to people in our community - be that GreenBUCs, providing adaptive bicycles for people with disabilities, or Dayton Children’s Medical Center through our son, Mike’s, Ambassador events – I find that Rick has been there before us and is 100% engaged. He has always shown an immense capacity activism on behalf of our community. He is incredibly adept at accomplishing great things for the community and I look forward to his tenure in the State Legislature!

Ginger Dosedel, Founder
Sew Much Comfort