Rusty Myers

posted Jun 23, 2013, 10:26 AM by Rick Perales

I rarely participate in public discussion about political issues, but now is an exception. I am concerned about our representation in House District 73, currently provided by Jerrod Martin. I don’t know Mr. Martin personally, but his encounters with law enforcement (three, I think) and the decision by the Republican Caucus to exclude him, are cause for serious concern. We need someone who can be effective in the office, and it seems to me that Mr. Martin simply cannot be effective.

I do, however, know Rick Perales and believe he has the character, drive and leadership to represent District 73 successfully. He has been effective as a military commander, the Mayor of Beavercreek, and a member of the Greene County Board of Commissioners. I have watched him at Council meetings and it is clear he has the ability to listen to all sides of an issue, work with many opposing views and find solutions that will benefit our district, and the State of Ohio. I’ve known Rick for a many years. He is the right man for this job.

Our other candidate will tell you all politicians are bad and should be replaced. The truth is that not all politicians are bad … and not all novices are good. Each must be judged on his own merit.

I encourage everyone to support Rick Perales.

Rusty Myers