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    Posted Sep 3, 2014, 9:11 AM by Rick Perales
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I provided testimony to the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee yesterday regarding House Concurrent Resolution 8, Wright Brothers First in Flight.  There will be additional testimony on Oct 7.  I am anticipating HCR goes to the floor for a full Senate vote in October or November.

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Past Events:

Celebrating Ohio’s Aerospace Leadership during National Aerospace Week, September 13-19, 2015


In 2010, Congress recognized the national importance of aerospace by establishing the third week in September as “National Aerospace Week.” From the first powered flight by Ohio’s Wright Brothers to the first steps on the Moon by Ohio’s Neil Armstrong, the U.S. and the Buckeye State have led the way in air and space. Aerospace is America’s leading manufacturing export industry, generating a $61.2 billion foreign trade surplus. Aerospace provides more than 600,000 good, high paying jobs nationwide, 17 percent of which are in Ohio. The U.S. operates the largest and safest aviation system in the world and the first permanent human habitation and scientific laboratory in space, the International Space Station.

No state has contributed more to America’s leadership in aerospace than Ohio. Our state is home to NASA’s leading research center, the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, and the world’s premier military aerospace research and development center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton.  Ohio is the top supplier state to Boeing and Airbus. Boeing spent $9.2 billion with Ohio suppliers in 2013, more than Washington, New York, Texas and Florida combined. Operating in Ohio are 8,500 aerospace supply chain establishments and market leading companies including GE Aviation, Parker Hannifin, Eaton, Timken and United Technologies Aerospace Systems. They will provide many of the parts, components and systems for the 38,000 new airplanes, valued at over $5.6 trillion, that the world’s airlines will buy between now and 2035.  

The future of aerospace begins in the Buckeye State. With our world class research universities, federal research laboratories and research institutions, along with a $9 billion annual investment, Ohio is the world leader in aerospace and aviation research and development. Researchers at NASA Glenn are working on hybrid electric propulsion for future airliners and advanced electric rockets that will help explore the universe and put astronauts on Mars. Scientists at Air Force Research Laboratory are working on supersonic combustion ramjets (“scramjets”) to fly at hypersonic speeds, five times greater than the speed of sound.

Ohio’s aerospace companies are investing heavily in additive manufacturing, advanced materials and other technologies to ensure that they will have the competitive edge to win in the future aerospace marketplace.   As the global market for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or drone) continues to grow exponentially, Ohio has committed to lead the way by establishing the Ohio-Indiana UAS Center and Test Complex in Springfield, Ohio.  An Akron-based UAS company, Event 38, has become a world market leader in easy-to-use UAS, sensors and data analytics for use in construction, environmental conservation, mining, precision agriculture and surveying.

All regions in Ohio are working together to grow the aerospace and aviation sector. The Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee, chaired by Ohio State Representative Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek), includes aerospace and aviation industry leaders, military representatives, academic experts and government officials from around the state. The Committee is developing a singular, focused, statewide strategy to unite the aerospace and aviation community and ensure that Ohio’s rich aerospace and aviation legacy will lead the nation for years to come. The Committee works closely with the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Council, a statewide industry-driven economic development organization designed to attract and retain key growth-oriented companies. It also works to strengthen Ohio’s aerospace sector, including federal, academic, and non-profit installations and assets. The Committee, Council and other supporters from around the state will bring Ohio’s aerospace community to the Ohio State House in Columbus on October 6, Ohio Aerospace Day, to meet with state legislators and administration officials and highlight the importance of aerospace and aviation to our state.

Every Buckeye should be proud of the state’s unsurpassed aerospace heritage and continuing leadership role. Let’s use the occasions of National Aerospace Week and Ohio Aerospace Day to celebrate our past and prepare for an even brighter future for aerospace and aviation in Ohio.


Michael L. Heil

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ohio Aerospace Institute

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