Office Priorities


Jobs are the key to restoring Ohio to the kind of state in which our children and grandchildren want to remain. We need to be able to attract and maintain businesses that provide good quality of living job opportunities for our residents. We do this by lowering taxes, cutting state spending and minimizing or deleting regulatory barriers that impede business growth, development and relocation to Ohio. While the state has made major strides on this front, there is much left to do and I want to be a part of this transformation.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Our military leaders consider Wright Patterson AFB a ‘sunrise’ base, meaning the bases’ future is bright and in front of us. The base’s infrastructure is sound and up to date. The various and diverse operations on base provides a unique synergy that is found nowhere else in the country. The base provides resources for our war fighters that give them the best opportunity to be successful in battle, and then return home safely to their families. I will be the number 1 advocate for the current and future missions at WPAFB.


Thousands of Ohio veterans have served in our military. Many young men and women are (or will soon be) returning from action. As a retired veteran and a proud citizen, I believe we have the responsibility and obligation to take care of these vets and do whatever it takes – medically, psychologically and/or job training-wise, to assimilate them to active and productive members of society. I would be honored to play an active role in this activity.

Values and Principles

Family is the most important aspect of my life. I will expend considerable energy and influence to make this a family-friendly state, one where families want to stay and raise their families. It is important to maintain the values and principles that were the basis of the founding of this state and country. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment; I believe in traditional marriage and the right to life, recently endorsed by Ohio Right to Life. I will work diligently for conservation legislation where and as required.

Public Service Announcements

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